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Hello, my name is Randy and my hometown is Coral Springs and I just got an implant with Dr. Frohlinger. I just wanted to say the staff walked me through the entire process and made me feel comfortable about the whole thing. They did a great job on this, were very patient and very comfortable with me. Easy to ask questions; Dr. Frohlinger is a great guy and so is his staff. The tooth looks great! Really I’m very happy with it, it looks great! Thanks~

Sabrina B

Hi, my name is Sabrina B. of Hialeah, Florida and I want to give my testimonial saying I'm excited and so glad I met Dr. Stan Frohlinger and his staff. If you had met me a few weeks ago you would've thought I was depressed and sad; it was because I never smiled. What you would've noticed or not known is I was embarrassed to smile. This is the best thing I have done for myself in years. He has restored my smile, he has restored my confidence and his staff was very polite and just walked me through every stage. Now when people see me, they say I have a bright smile.

Cheryl Goldberg

My name is Cheryl Goldberg and my mother's name is Rosalind Goldberg and we both went to Dr. Frohlinger in Tamarac. He was real nice and real good dentist. We really enjoyed seeing him and he did a good job on my implant and my mother's denture. Thank you!

Edie Brodie

My name is Edie Brodie and I am a patient of Dr. Frohllinger. I have been coming to Dr. Frohlinger for many years. I find every time I come here, coming to the dentist is a very nice experience. Everybody is kind understanding and very professional. The warmth that you find here makes you not feel as nervous and scared as you would going into a dentist’s office. It has been very enlightening for me to have found a dentist and staff who treats you like a person not like a tooth coming through the door. I know my fear of dentists has declined a great deal. And I truly understand more about my teeth, my mouth and how to keep from seeing the dentist very often except to say hi. I feel comfortable and the concern that is shown during and after the visit is remarkable. Thank you.


I'm from Plantation, Florida. After going to about 10 different dentists in this particular area and walking out on all of them, I found Dr. Frohlinger whom I'm extremely pleased with. He's very professional, very gentle and I feel very secure here.

Mel Cohan, Wellington FL

I came to Dr. Frohlinger because he as an excellent dentist, very intelligent and knows exactly what to do...always attentive to all my dental needs. I decided to get a full mouth reconstruction when it was found that I needed to have a couple of caps redone, new fillings and my bite was a little off. The process took a little while but my teeth are beautiful, everyone has complimented me on them, my smile is much better, I feel more confident eating. It's great. I am extremely happy and Dr. Frohlinger did an excellent job."

Louise Troisi

Dear Dr. Frohlinger: I have to thank you again,in writing,for giving me a “new lease on life”. The mini-implants are wonderful.I never imagined I could replace a messy denture with teeth that look and feel real.I have had many compliments, and I would highly recommend this procedure to anyone. On a personal note,I also want to thank you for your courtesy and paitence while I was undergoing the work. I am posting this letter-as a testimonial- on the appropriate web-site and sincerely hope many people see it and take advantage of your services. Mini-Implants- and Dr.Frohlinger …the way to GO!!! Gratefully yours,


The two things I remember most about my dental implants are how fast and painless the procedure was, and how completely normal I felt the next morning. Now that the crown has been attached to my implant, It feels like my original tooth.


Implants are the best thing I have ever done. I’m so glad my dentist told me about them. For the first time in 40 years I am able to eat steak and apples.


“About seven years ago I read an article on dental implants. I have worn dentures for many years, I was delighted to hear of something that would make them more stable. It has done just that and more. With implants I can eat food I found difficult before. They are easy to care for and help prevent bone loss, which is important to me.”